13th August

Sightseeing in Znojmo (on foot), short cycle ride in the surrounding area and wine tasting in the evening.

The two churches in Znojmo. The large one was celebrating its 900th year.

The view over the river from the churches.


OK guys, where have you gone...?

The Town Hall tower in Znojmo

Views from the top of the tower.

The Group – having cycled to a view point over the river.

Heading back to Znojmo

We had our evening meal at this riverside bar before cycling back up the hill to our hotels in Znojmo.

The first of our wine tasting sessions. It was cold in there!

Now, are you listening, this is how it's done...

Are you sure we can drink ALL of this?

He said...
and she said...
and he said...
Never! Really?

Can anyone remember the Czech for "Cheers"?

“Na Zdravi !”