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Croatia Island Hopping — September 2005

From Split, we cycled along the coast to Baska Voda where we met our boat, "Silva", which was to be our accommodation for most of the tour. We sailed to four of the islands and spent our days cycling on them.

The photographs on this site were taken by several members on the tour including Mike, Mila, Linda and Ken.

Please click on the date below to see the photos and descriptions for that day. If you click on the first photo on the page you will be able to view them as a slide show one by one.

22nd Sept
23rd Sept
24th Sept
25th Sept
26th Sept
27th Sept
28th Sept
29th Sept
30th Sept
1st Oct
2nd Oct

Apologies to those who are irritated by the fact that I've not used the correct, accented characters in the Croatian place names. Unfortunately I couldn't find how to access them on the computer so I decided to leave them all un-accented. Sorry!

Click on the maps below for a more detailed view of the routes on each of the islands.